COVID-19 is stress-testing applications and global data centers

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COVID-19 is stress-testing applications and global data centers

Putting to test the underutilized facilities, overutilized resources, and unmanned infrastructure…

It has been a long time I haven’t had the chance to write a blog, now writing this in a time that the global pandemic, COVID-19, is testing humanity’s patience, as well as our applications and data center capabilities globally and … Read the rest

Too Big to Fail?

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Amazon, Microsoft, Google Clouds – Good or Bad?

The publication of this blog coincides with the Independence Day. Though this junction was not intended with strong emphasis, nevertheless the following should provide an aspirational insight for us to always maintain a certain level of independence on the global stage for both our businesses and our government…

While larger organizations move … Read the rest

The Infinity Paradigm®

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The Standards Framework for Information Technology, Data Centers, Cloud, Big Data, IoT, Facilities, and Infrastructure

Business owners and Technology stakeholders have never had a systematic and dynamic mechanism that provided a holistic end-result driven evaluation of the effectiveness of the vast and disparate array of information, applications, resources, technologies, processes, personnel, infrastructure, documentation, standards and governance that together, despite their … Read the rest

Top 5 Data Center Tips for 2017

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Data Center Industry Roadmap 2017-2020

Data center design, build, operation and ownership are entering a new era. It will not be long before those operators who failed to adapt, will perish by the virtue of their own making. Whether there will be more or less data centers, greater or fewer outsourcing, expansion of public or private clouds, larger or smaller … Read the rest

Data Center Compromises

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A Symphony of equilibriums…

Life is impossible without compromises. Data centers, like any other walk of life, are resolutions of a chain of compromises. Usually people believe that the main compromise in data centers is between cost and availability. It’s not that simple, unfortunately. To compromise, organizations typically undermine important measures in order to render maximized outputs for a given … Read the rest

Data Center Standards

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Common language. Common norm. Common understanding.

Do we need data center standards?

Data centers are being built at a rapid pace beyond our comprehension. They are also transforming at a staggering speed. Sometimes having rules, guidelines and methodologies that are measurable and applicable are liberating. They are liberating in the sense that they provide a clear-cut approach and the necessary … Read the rest

Should We Confine Data Within Borders?

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When liberal economy and trade meant traveling between borders, creating the Russia’s Iron Curtain or Germany’s Berlin Wall seemed like a political remedy to safeguard certain sociopolitical hemispheres. But those latter policies and the erection of those barriers were proven disastrous to their citizens and the world around them.

Looks like history has to repeat itself no matter what. Recently … Read the rest

The Global Transformation

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Root-cause: Information Technology via Data Centers

The world as we know it is transforming into something of a different nature. A nature that is not natural by the benchmark of our predecessors. This transformation is changing the way we bond, work, interact, and live. If watching too much TV was of a topic of concern a few years ago, now … Read the rest

Why Do Data Centers Fail So Much?

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The fundamental root-cause of data center failure

We have seen so many papers and opinions on this very question and redundant topic: “top 10 reasons why your data center goes down”, “top 5 things you should do to prevent downtime”, “top root-causes of data center outage”. It has become more of an entertainment and game of numbers to see who … Read the rest