The End of Power, Cooling and Cabling Centers; Beginning of “Data” Centers

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The application ecosystem

The data center world has heard and wasted enough resources over the wrong emphasis placed on the facility aspects of the data center, while not witnessed merely enough attention on the data center’s merit, purpose and true output. So often, we are overwhelmed by the extensive focus on “power” (UPS, ATS, Generators, Busbars, etc.), or “cooling” (free-cooling, … Read the rest

Identity Crisis Within the Data Center Industry

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In most economic reports, political agendas, even credit application forms, “data center” is not mentioned as an economy sector, community driver, or a recognized industry. Often data center is classified under Information Technology, Telecommunication, Facilities, Security, Real Estate and/or any other generic category that, by the common opinion, comes close. In reality, these alterations are misleading and inappropriate.

Question is, Read the rest