Willpower: the bridge between Hope and Victory

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Willpower: the bridge between Hope and Victory

Exactly how much hope, energy, and willpower is there within each human life? At a time where thousands of our fellow humans are dying due to a magnitude of reasons— excuses, really, for incapable governments and inept leadership across the globe; the life stories of people like Abbas Karimi can deter our negative perceptions of the million reasons there are for each of us to fail and keep our souls focused on the one reason to succeed: Hope.

He is an Olympian without arms. Not only that, he is an Afghan refugee. Through our perception, he does not possess the basic biological means to swim. We would generally assume that he wouldn’t even be able to simply pack his bags and go anywhere either. As if the physical and psychological pressures for going to the Olympics without arms, training facilities, “a country”, etc. aren’t enough, imagine having to run from one country to the next to save your life, to finally find a “debatable peace” of mind, time, and facility to train for the Olympics as a refugee. Step #1, just the thought of traveling to 3,000+ miles journey to Turkey and then two refugee camps, wouldn’t be as simple as picking up your backpack and move. How would you grab your backpack, without arms, anyway? But Abbas did all that and more…

Human beings are strange creatures.

“We are capable of flying without wings, running without legs, and swimming without arms. Such is a vivid example of our key differentiator with other biological beings on our planet. We are governed by our emotional intelligence and driven by our willpower.”

If we want to make something happen, we will make it happen without always having the seemingly vital tangible necessities. Thus, our achievements cannot be measured by the laws of physics or computed through obvious math that is ignorant of our inner capabilities.

At a time when all the lost lives, investments, and humanitarian aids to Afghanistan seem shattered, achievements of super-naturals like Abbas can give us hope. Hope for a better future for all…!

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